TALKIslamophobia: How the “Muslim problem” has been constructed

Date: April 27 (Thu.), 2023
Time: 17:00-19:00
Venue: Doshisha University, Imadegawa Campus, Ryoshinkan RY305 (in person)
Speaker: Marwan Mohammed (research fellow at the CNRS, France)
Organizer: Research group "Multicultural City and the Crisis of Cohabitation" under Global Mediterranean project
Language: English

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In this talk, Marwan Mohammed examines how the religion of Islam and Muslims have been represented in French society, and in what context and by what actors these representations have come to be constructed as “problems,” using the concept of “Islamophobia” as a starting point. He also clarifies how the negative discourses of Muslims are accepted by the parties concerned and what kind of collective actions are formed in response to these discourses.


Marwan Mohammed is a sociologist and research fellow at the CNRS in France. He has published various books and articles both in French and English, including Islamophobie. Comment les élites françaises fabriquent le « problème musulman » (co-authored with Abdellali Hajjat). For more detail, please check his website.


MORI Chikako (Doshisha University, Faculty of Social Studies)