SymposiumAsian Immigration and Violence in the United States and Europe

Date and Time: 14:00-17:00, February 24 (Saturday) 2024
Venue: Shiko-kan SK110, Karasuma Campus, Doshisha University
Speakers: Catherine Ceniza Choy, Hélène Le Bail
Discussant: Rika Lee
Organizer: Research group "Multicultural City and the Crisis of Cohabitation" under Global Mediterranean project

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Since the COVID-19 Pandemic, violence against Asians has been reported in many parts of the world. Anti-Asian violence has made visible the deep history of racism and Orientalism that have accumulated in various regions in the world, while they were also reactions against the fears of unknown diseases and the rise of China in international politics today. This symposium will address anti-Asian violence as a topic for global and transborder area studies. Following the keynote addresses on the violence against Asians in the United States and Europe, we will discuss the state of anti-Asian racism and how to resist them in the pandemic and beyond.

Keynote Addresses
Catherine Ceniza Choy (University of California Berkeley)
“Anti-Asian Violence in the U.S. Today: Asian American Histories of the Present”

Hélène Le Bail (CNRS and Sciences Po Paris)
“Violence Targeting Asians in France: Constructing Anti-Asian Racism as a Public Issue Through Legal Action”

Discussant: Rika Lee (Chuo University)
Moderator: Fuminori Minamikawa (Doshisha University)


Fuminori Minamikawa (Doshisha University, Graduate School of Global Studies)